Welcome!  I’m Jennifer Weddle.


I am a relationship and sexuality coach

Really, I am a magical being who can see your greatness and call it out

I am amazing at taking you to the thing.  You know, the one that lives just out of sight and makes a royal mess in your life. Then I show you how to use that very thing as fuel to have what you want.

I’ve devoted most of my adult life to exploring, teaching, studying and learning about humans, Spirit, the mind and how they tick.

When you work with me, you can expect to go deep, be held in your most tender places, laugh, love yourself, total honesty, not one ounce of me buying into why you can’t, receive unending approval for who you are and know yourself to be someone greater, sexier and more powerful that you knew you could be.

And, you’ll probably be surprised and delighted by how fun and magical this transformation can be, and my inappropriate sense of humor. 😉

The Dali Llama once said, “The world will be saved by the western woman”.  My work matters because I wake up these women, turn them on, get their juices flowing and then unleash them on the world.

I am here to remind you that YOU are one hot and sexy powerhouse of love and greatness.  Men and the world need YOU!

My question for you is, when does the world get the pleasure of experiencing you in all your wild and sexy glory?

To sum it up I am…

…not for the faint of heart

…the slightly psychic auntie you always wanted and never had

…a work in progress

…a work of art

…a teacher, a student, and everything in between

…completely astonishing

…a magical, fierce, and loving coach and woman


A Little Bit About Me

For most of my life I struggled with the love, success and money I desired.  If you asked me I would have said my life was pretty good.  I had a job, good friends and a loving family.  Yet, there was always this unnamed sadness and loneliness lingering just below the surface in every aspect of my life.  On a deep level I knew I wasn’t ever going to be “enough” or worthy of the love and happiness I desired.  Looking back, that really sucked.  Then life conspired to whack me upside the head and into awareness.

After a long string of wake-up calls including financial collapse, the deaths of a multiple loved ones, a break-up and a car accident, it became very clear that I was not on my game.  The spark was going out.  My sass and sexiness were in the toilet.

After spending three months on the couch watching “Charmed” re-runs it became clear that I needed to get my “Groove” back.  There was more to life and I knew it.

This is the time in my life when I really started to invest in myself. I started seeking out coaches and mentors who were living powerful lives and managed to be sexy and sassy while doing so.  I surrounded myself with as much of this juiciness as I could and it paid-off.

These mentors loved me for who I am, no matter what.  They believed in me even when I could not understand why they would do such a thing, called me on my shit and pointed me in the direction of my power. Although I did the work to get to where I am, living a life I absolutely LOVE, I am not sure I would have ever gotten here without their unconditional love and faith in my magnificence.  Their unwavering stand for me was the greatest gift I have ever received.  I was so humbled and inspired by this gift that I just knew I had to be this stand for others.

Maybe you can relate to my story and you want to get your groove back, too. If so, I invite you to contact me to schedule a FREE exploratory session and sign-up for free updates!