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Loving What Is

Do you ever find yourself resisting what is?  You know, really wishing that life, as it is in the Present moment, was different than it currently is?  

Doesn’t it kinda suck to wish your life were different?  

Wouldn’t it feel better to love what is going on in your life?

For me the answer to all these questions is a big fat YES!

Recently I found myself really wishing life was different than it is.  I had made a mistake on some paperwork and the result was a rather long delay in the arrival of some money being paid to me.  This impacted me financially in a big way.  Although this impact was temporary, I felt very limited.  I was hating the fact that I had put myself in a position that was so precarious.  Needless to say, all these feelings were not so fun and rather disempowering.

When I feel this way I always head to a few choice resources that help me gain a more empowered perspective.  After getting myself back into shape, I decided to enjoy my life regardless of what is going on.  I gave myself permission to love what is.

How does one love something like being broke, angry, sad, etc? 

Well, I started by thinking about all that was awesome in my life.  Regardless of what my bank account looks like, I have an amazing family, friends that anyone would envy, incredible clients, a great apartment, food in my refrigerator, I live in a beautiful place, and I am in good health.  All of this exists in my world at all times, no matter what is going on.  So, I choose to focus on the goodness.

Additionally, I decided to look for what was good about being temporarily “broke”.  This was surprisingly easy.  I was able to really look at my life and start removing and discarding what was old and doesn’t work.  This includes clothes in my closet, other stuff in my house and in my mind and habits around money.  The best part is that I now KNOW I can be happy in the face of a difficult situation.  If you ask me, that is POWER.

What is going on in your Present Moment that you are resisting or making wrong?

Will you join me in finding what is awesome about this moment? Trust me, it’s fun. 😉

I would love to hear about what is so awesome about your current challenges in the comments below.

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Appreciate the Heck Out of Him

I have to say it.  I LOOOOOOVE appreciating men.  Seriously.  It is like a drug. I am compulsive about it. When I appreciate them and see their faces light up, it is like elixir for my soul.

Why am I so into appreciating men, specifically?  Well, because I love them and I do really appreciate what they bring into my life.

Although I am perfectly capable of feeling like a hot and sexy piece of ass all on my own, I love that men contribute to that feeling in me all day.  Sometimes it is with their words and sometimes it is just that they provide the Masculine backdrop against which my inner Feminine flourishes.

I love that they are bigger and stronger and choose to be gentle and take care of me.

I love that they can lead the way in one instance and fall asleep with their head on a woman’s chest in a state of complete surrender in the next.

Even more, I think they are incredibly brave creatures for taking on the wild waters of a woman’s heart and mind.  They may not always be perfect or successful at it, but as a whole they keep on coming in the face potential failure and heartache.

For these reasons, I choose to APPRECIATE THE HECK OUT OF MEN and support them every chance I get.

Sometimes I appreciate them in my head, or with a smile.  Other times it is complimenting a man on his shirt, hair cut or new glasses.  It is always simple and a gift that is always well-received.

Do you want to know what a very pleasant side-effect of appreciating the heck out of a man?  A properly appreciated man loves to serve.  In your presence he feels like a man and acts accordingly.  Not a bad deal, is it?

I am very well taken care of by the men in my world and they feel like a MEN around me.  I know this because they tell me so.  I am humbled that I can contribute to their lives in such a way.

Do you have any experiences of Man Appreciation to share?

Does this subject grate on some sensitive spots?

Either way, I would love to hear about your experiences and perspectives in the comments below.

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