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Hurling Hatchets

September 14, 2012

Hello Friends!  As you may or may not know, my passion and work is to empower women to ignite that fire inside that reveals the path to profound self-love and draws the opposite sex in like a moth to a flame.  Really, this has very little to do with the men and everything to do with how we, as women, feel about ourselves and live life.

One of the keys to profound self-love is to allow yourself to embody ALL of who you are with love and acceptance.  This means making no apologies for who and what you are, stop giving a sh*t what others think and deciding that you are PERFECT exactly as you are.  Does the thought of this make your heart sing or your chest tighten?  Are you thinking this is crazy talk?  Are you saying “Hell Yes!”?  Sometimes I think and feel all of these things…at the same time.  I know, first hand, the power of facing the fear and taking this leap.

I recently had an experience that really highlighted the power of self-acceptance.  First, I should give you a little back ground.  As any of my friends would likely tell you, I am an intense person.  In addition to my love of laughter, inappropriate humor, and cute animal pics, I have been compared to She-Ra, Zena the Warrior Princess and an Amazon warrior woman.  Part of me has always been proud of my warrior-like ways.  When I embody this part of myself I feel strong, fiercely loving and capable of anything.  In certain circles I let this part of me shine and people love me all the more for it.  However, not everyone loves this kind of energy.  More than once I was smacked down, criticized or rejected by others that were threatened by or could not identify with this kind of energy.   I learned from a young age to squash this part of myself and be smaller to accommodate others opinions for my own safety.  Putting myself “out there” became terrifying.  Eventually, I learned to feel safe with greater amounts of recognition but still only felt safe when playing small, as stepping into my power and being me meant opening myself up for ridicule.  Fast forward to present time…

I have now stepped into this power and am committed to living in a place of authenticity and vulnerability.  It does not mean I don’t feel scared or doubt myself; it does mean that I put on my big girl panties, stay present with what I am feeling and move through the discomfort of playing a bigger game.  It feels amazing to go through all the ups and downs and know that I am so completely and utterly committed to myself and those I serve that absolutely nothing will stop me.

All that being said, I recently spent the weekend with my family, all warrior-types in their own right, and enjoyed some quality family bonding time.  (Even in this group, where I am by no means the most intense person, I find that I have a tendency to hold myself back a little.)  All this family bonding was taking place at my aunt and uncles home.  They have a great piece of property looking on Mt Shasta that they have turned into a play ground of sorts.  Keeping with the “Warrior” theme, my uncle has a target for his bow and arrow and a chunk of wood strung up to throw hatchets and/or knives at.

While I was hanging out on the porch relaxing after the days activities my cousin’s girlfriend asked me if I wanted to throw the hatchet with her.  It seemed like a good idea so I went with it and it was AMAZING!!!  I had never thrown a hatchet before that moment.  Why did it feel so incredibly natural?  Why was I so good at it?  I instantly had an ability to focus that was beyond anything I had ever experienced.  I threw the hatchet over and over, easily correcting myself and getting better with each throw.  Then the time came to take it to the next level…a choreographed battle routine.

Ok, so the battle routine was my uncle’s idea.  He proposed that I run behind him as he shoot his bow and arrow, at which point he would fall back and I take the lead, chucking the hatchet as I run toward the target.  I then would fall back and he would take the lead, shooting another arrow and throwing a knife.  This is the point where I would usually shy away because I didn’t want to suck or let anyone see me suck.  I would have found an excuse, any excuse, not to do it.  To do this I had to, not only embrace that Inner Warrior Goddess, but let her bass ass self run wild. Since giving a sh*t what others think of me is much lower on my list of things to think about than it used to be, I decided, “What the Hell…this might be fun.”  I was right.  It was not only fun, it was AWESOME!!!

Again, I was shocked at how good I was at it and how in my “Groove” I was.  It was obvious, I was born to hurl a hatchet.  For the first time in my entire life, I was fully embracing the Warrior Goddess part of myself.  I was not hiding, making myself small or wrong.  I was simply owning that sh*t.

For days following this I was on a major high.  I could be 100% me and it was okay.  One might even say that I felt SAFE being me.  There are still those out there that will shy away from my intensity and my sexy hatchet hurling ways, and that is okay.  Not everyone has to love me.  I love myself enough for all of us.

More than that I got the invaluable experience of seeing how I rocked it when I let myself be me.  When I let my full self shine and engage in what I am doing, it was easy and I was really good.  Since my moment of enlightenment through hatched-hurling, I have been living life without apology and it has been amazing.  My coaching practice is growing, I am creating an incredible life, attract people that blow my mind with their magnificence and feel so at ease knowing all I have to do to be happy and successful in this world is be ME.  The ME that has all sorts of dents in my armor , feels like a mess sometimes and also knows that she is one HOT force to be reckoned with.

Are you living your life full out?

Are you unapologetically you when you go out in the world?

I hope so.  I want that for every man, woman and child.  If you are not, I invite you to do a little experiment.  Go out in the world for one day or even one hour and pretend that it is perfectly safe and acceptable to be 100% yourself regardless of the opinion of others.  I am not asking you to change your actions, just pretend that how you are right now is perfect.

How does this change your experience of the world?

How does this influence your interactions with others?

What does this feel like for you?

What do you notice that is different for you when doing this?

I would love to hear about how this experiment goes for you in the comments below.

Happy experimenting…